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EthiopiaDear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Consulate of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Frankfurt Germany. This website provides you with information and links leading to services provided by the Consulate. We provide information on trade, investment and tourism of Ethiopia as well as issues related to Diaspora to our visitors.
We would like to highlight issues that reflect the longstanding Ethio-German relation in our website. Useful consular related resources are also included for Germans, Ethiopians and Germans of Ethiopian origin to further expedite our services.

We hope you will find this website useful and we look forward to serving you at the Consulate located at
Eschersheimer Landstraße 105 -107,
60322 Frankfurt am Main.

We serve the public Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, except on official German and Ethiopian holidays, from 08.30AM – 12.30PM and 13.30PM -17.30PM.
We thank you for your visit.                                                   Contact Us

Staff / die Mitarbeiter

Mehreteab Mulugeta
General Consul
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-24
email: consul.eth@t-online.de oder mehreteab.m@ethio-consulate-frankfurt.de

Melkamu Debelo Geleta
Consul Diaspora Affairs
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-25
email: melkamu2010@gmail.com

Daniel Arage
Consular Attaché
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-23
email: darge.d@yahoo.com

Banchayu Negash Tibebu
Executive Secretary (Attachée)
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-30
email: consul.eth@t-online.de

Azeb Nega Assefa
Consul Consulate Affairs
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-28
email: liyaassefa460@gmail.com

Marion Fischbach
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-26
email: consul.eth@t-online.de

Selamawit Abraha Biyadgilegn
Consular Secretary
Tel.: 069-97 26 96-21
email: consulfrankfurt.eth@t-online.de

Sara Mehamed  
Consular Receptionist
Tel.: 069 / 97 26 96-25
email: consulfrankfurt.eth@t-online.de

Birtukan Bereded Amare
Guest/ Kitchen Service and Consular Department

Samson Kellelow Weldu

Fisseha Girmay Jacb

Mulugeta Tadesse Mamo