Ethiopia-Africa’s new Business Destination Forum

Thursday l2th May 2016, IHK Akademie Munchen

Freundschaftspins-Aethiopien-DeutschlandA one day international business forum under the theme “Ethiopia-Afiica’s New Business Destination” which aims to disseminate information on opportunities Ethiopia has to offer for German investors will be held on May 12, 2016 in Munchen. The forum which will bring together High Level Ethiopian Governmcnt officials and business leaders with German entrepreneurs is a collaborative effort between the General Consulate Office of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Frankfurt, Germany und IHK für Munchen und oberbavern.

The economic relations between Ethiopia and Germany are well known. For most part of recent history, Germany has been the number one importer of Coffee from Ethiopia, the main export product of the Country. For years, the trade volume between Ethiopia and Germany has been developing in a very encouraging way. In 2014. German exports to Ethiopia jumped by 38 percent to 2f,8.8 million Euro, largely due to the interest of Ethiopian and foreign investors in German Machineray and vehicles. Ethiopia with an annual averge growth rate of 10 % for the last decade, vast internal market, huge and hard working labour force, sustainable peace and security, good economic policies and strategies, set the scene for promising investment conditions which ar e not yet fully recognized by German investors.

Against this background, the forum will be held to present an ambitious plan that Ethiopia pursues to change the Country into a manufacturing hub for Africa by 2025 and the opportunities to be created as a large potential market for German machinery and equipment manufacturers.

The Forum will start officially at O8:30 hrs.

Ethiopian Consulate General Office
Frankfurt, Germany.
April 14, 2016


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