H.E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon Confers with Dr. René Klaff

H.E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon Confers with Dr. René Klaff
H.E. Ambassador Mulu Solomon made a video discussion with Dr. René Klaff, Head of International Affairs at Friedrich-Naumann Foundation on January 14, 2021. The Discussion focused on the current situation in Ethiopia, the Grand Renaissance Dam, and the Pandemic Recovery Projects. On the video conference Mrs. Katrin Bannach, Head of Sub-Sharan and Middle Eastern Region, and Mr. Jules Maaten, Head of Deputy International Affairs were also in attendance. The institution works on Liberal politics, civil and human rights, a market economy, rule of law, entrepreneurship, and startups.
On the occasion, H.E. Ambassador Mulu briefed Dr. Klaff on the recent incident that forced the Ethiopian government to enter into a rule of law restoration operation. The Ambassador also highlighted the works being done to hold a free and fair election on June 5, 2021. Furthermore, Ambassador Mulu touched on the dangers posed by fake news disseminations on social media which are challenging many governments and societies around the world.
Dr. René Klaff on his part noted that the institution is working to have a stronger presence in East Africa and hopes to open an office in Addis Ababa. During the discussion there was a consensus on the fact that media should be free but also responsible as freedom should come with responsibility. It was, also, learnt that the institution has been working on a project which will help reduce the negative effect of misinformation and fake news.
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